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Robert Kiyosaki is an Outlier

Robert Kiyosaki is an Outlier I like books. Truth be told, I like listening to books. Why do I prefer to listen to books versus reading them? When I’m reading a book, I can only read a book. If I listen to a book, I can do this while driving, exercising, mowing the lawn, etc. After reading a few books, I can see a common thread. Finding threads is why I read. I feel like I’m synthesizing the information at a deeper level after the connection is formed in my brain. What’s an Outlier? An outlier is an observation that lies an abnormal distance from other values in a random sample from a population. Source: People like Steve Jobs, Joan of Arc, Bill Gates, Harriet Tubman, Lebron James, and Serena Williams are Outliers. Their genius can be seen through their work and the impact they made on the world. Many people think they are born this way. If you look a bit closer you will see there was a bit of luck and hard work that got…
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It Takes 10,000 Hours to Become an Expert

I need to take better notes. I never remember where I first hear something amazing. I try very hard to remember. Some time this works, other times it doesn’t. My solution was to take better notes.

I was asked, “I'm a developer, but I only code at work, is that bad?” My response:

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. I would say you’re just capping your growth. You are setting the maximum amount of time to learn by hands on experience to 40 hours per week (or whatever your normal work week is). I forget where I read this, but someone said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. You’re just slowing progress to mastery if you believe the 10,000 hour rule by focusing on coding only during office hours.


Malcolm Gladwell, is a great writer. I’ve read a few of his books. I drew from his idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. In this case, I pointed out how only codi…

Have An Emergency Fund

I came across this concept a few times while reading. The truth is that you never know when a problem can happen. When a problem happens, you want to completely focus on resolving the problem. You don’t want to split focus between financial matters and the problem at hand.

Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in Schools: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By was written by Cary Siegel. It’s a great book. Having an emergency fund was one of the principles.

 Schools focus on socialization and not financial survival. One purpose of school is to get you ready for adulthood. Your true goal is not this. Your goal is to survive financially regardless of what comes up.

My story 
 I work for a large company. Working for large companies has benefits. One benefit is steady employment. I’ve been at my company for eleven years. Over the years, I’ve been able to set up a contingency plan. The economy may take a turn down or someone in the family gets sick, you never know what will come up.

Be a Copycat. Not An Innovator.

The Dhandho Investor
I really like this book.  It provides technical analysis of how to value a company.  The framework this book provide a simple but powerful true about life in general.  You hear so many industry thought leaders and companies talked about Innovation.  Do you ever feel like we are talking about innovation for the sake of innovation?  I do.  It refreshing to hear someone stay the opposite.  It's refreshing when you read the idea and it makes sense.  This my friend is what the Dhandho Investor is filled with.  Today will we focus on the copycat.

A must read book. Click to get more information.

About The Author Monish
Monish Pabrai is a self proclaimed Warren Buffet cloner.  Monish and Warren are great at calculating the intrinsic value of a business.  They figure out the right time to buy a business when the business is under valued.  How do they do this?  I will not tell you this in the article, but I high encourage you read the book.  I even tell you the specific cha…

Financial Literacy Simplified

One Book You Should Read If You Haven't Already

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book I wished I read in school.  Don't get me wrong.  Reading Shakespeare, Steinbeck, and Ellison were interesting.  The titles the authors produced are insightful and life changing for most.  I understand the need for fiction.  I always longed for non-fiction.  I love how you can learn so much from a person's stories and experiences in such a short amount of time.  Rich Dad Poor Dad is non-fiction, but to me it didn't feel like I was reading a book.  I felt a sage was reciting wisdom to me that I needed to hear. 

Financial Literacy
What is financial literacy really?  Well, let's start with literacy.  Some believe literacy is the ability to read and write.  I really like Alberta Canada's definition.  They believe:
Literacy has traditionally been thought of as reading and writing. Although these are essential components of literacy, today our understanding of literacy encompasses much more.…